About us

Services Infraspec is a company specializing in the field of trenchless rehabilitation of sanitary, pluvial and combined pipes. With its head office located in Laval since 2009 and its more than 100 qualified employees, Services Infraspec is
able to serve industries, businesses, cities and municipalities, as well as construction contractors across eastern Canada.

At Service Infraspec, we value our employees because they are the most important resource dedicated to serving our customers. For their family, their friend and especially for them, we attach great importance to prevention in
health and safety. Service Infraspec has set up an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) committee, in addition to offering training tailored to our environment, including the safe handling and use of the tools and equipment at their disposal.

Our goal is to keep security at the heart of our corporate culture in all aspects of our work. This statement translates into investments in time and money in training, auditing and revising our audit procedures.
job. Our employees not only look after their own safety, they also ensure the safety of all their colleagues. This commitment, combined with their experience, knowledge and desire to satisfy our clients, enables Infraspec Services to provide a pleasant, stimulating and above all, a safe working environment.