Our expertise

Structural Rehabilitation (CIPP)

Services Infraspec specializes in cladding, also known as lining, which consists of repairing an existing damaged pipe. Our method is to deploy a duct inside an existing duct to make it fully watertight and extend its life. To perform this type of work, Infraspec Services uses access manholes to insert a duct, instead of closing the street completely to the users. In addition, our interventions are generally of very short duration and do not oblige our customers to completely remake the foundation and paving in the street.

Services Infraspec has state-of-the-art equipment for installing felt liners steamed, hot water or odor-free UV rays. The solid expertise of our teams allows us to perform several types of cladding work:

  • Continuous for ovoid pipes (600 x 900mm) and circular pipes ranging from 100 to 1500mm in diameter (to be confirmed);
  • Sump connection, either between a new sump or an existing sump to the main pipe;
  • Service entrance of residences, businesses or industries;
  • Look and culverts.

Ponctual rehabilitation


Services Infraspec has an array of state-of-the-art robots that allow us to cut and grind obstacles, such as penetrating service entrances, exposed trim, inlaid detritus, and more. This robot also allows us to proceed with the opening of the services after performing cladding work.

One-time casing


Services Infraspec performs clogging work to counter the infiltration of water in pipes ranging from 200 to 1500mm, as well as in manholes. The experience and expertise of our teams allow us to find solutions for all kinds of infiltration problems.

Rejuvenation of culvert

Intervention in confined space

Our teams of workers are trained to carry out work in confined space in order to carry out the preparation before sheathing the visitable pipes, such as ovoid pipes 600 x 900mm (2×3 feet).

Sewer / Aqueduct Services

Cleaning and TV inspection

Infrasepc Services has a fleet of hydro-pressure trucks that produce a jet of water strong enough to dislodge all accumulations. The Infraspec Services cleaning trucks are of combined type (water pressure and vacuum). In addition, a large inventory of specialized tools is made available to our teams of operators to perform the reaming of roots, grease or any other type of obstruction. All operators of Infraspec Services are trained to meet the special requests of our customers.

Services Infraspec also offers a television inspection service for all sewer pipes ranging from 50 to 3600mm in diameter. Our extensive inventory of specialized equipment allows us to offer a broad inspection service, from residential drains to the main collector of cities and municipalities.

Leak tests, chlorination of aqueduct and sewer deformation

Services Infraspec has all the required equipment and technicians certified to perform the tests required by the BNQ 1809-300 / 2018 standard and the previous standards in order to confirm the new installations of water and sewer pipes. For larger diameter sewer pipes, Infraspec Services has the equipment needed to perform joint seal tests from 200 to 1500mm.

Services Infraspec also has steel gauges and laser profilometers to check the ovalization of PVC, GRP and HDPE pipes (steel, cast iron) ranging from 200 to 450mm in diameter. Our certified technicians are able to prepare and produce TV inspection reports according to PACP-MACP standards.